Every 15 days starting from July
Signature Breakfast

A refined program of events every fortnight signed by the greatest masters of Italian pastry, which will give to our guests the opportunity to enjoy exclusive breakfasts, to taste real gourmet goodies and start the day with a signature breakfast.

Info & Reservation 081 8028562 – +39 3318642108 – eventi@leaxidie.it

Other events

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Some useful information on the closures and reopenings of our services. We remind you that it is always possible to book events in our Rooftop where, we anticipate, our now famous New Year’s Eve Grand Dinner will also be held

2 November Closure of Hotel Le Axidie
5 November Closing of the Punta Scutolo restaurant, until then the restaurant will be open for lunch at Axidie and in the evening at Le Ancore Boutique Hotel

6 December The Punta Scutolo restaurant reopens, only on weekends (Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch) at the Hotel Le Ancore.
27 March 2024 The Le Axidie Resort reopens with all its services