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Wellness Area

Quiet and exclusive area with entrance reserved for adults.

Cervical waterfall

Movement in water has proved effective in restoring unbalanced muscle network to original conditions and re-establishing an incorrect posture. A particularly beneficial aspect is the movement that takes place in water, especially in thermal water. Cervical waterfalls do very well on your shoulders and neck, as long as they are used correctly. So benefit from the hot water jet by keeping your shoulders and cervical spine in water


Well-being paths by our specialised staff can be converted to sunbeds in the solarium, secluded and exclusive, and Jacuzzi baths, ideal for a complete relaxation. The wellness area is a neat and discreet environment, designed to pamper our guests in an evocative atmosphere and in the spirit of being good.

Kneipp path

The Kneipp Path is based on hydrotherapy, which uses the healing power of water to give our body wellbeing. Short baths in hot water, 32 ° and in cold water 25 °. The most common type is to walk along river cobblestone trails, alternating between diving in the hot water and cold water. The route is not limited to an invigorating walk between water and pebbles, but to a true hydrotherapy treatment, perfectly studied according to well-defined healing principles. Usually, you start with the hot water to end with the cold water.

Massage Center

The selection of relaxing and aesthetic treatments available in our relaxation area is very wide and accurate. Exfoliating, toning, lymphatic, connective, cupping, foot reflexology, shiatsu and Ayurvedic massages are just some of the types that are practised at the wellness centre.


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