Wellness & Relax

The wellness area of Le Axidie is the ideal solution to take care of the well-being of your body and mind in an enchanting location just a few steps from the sea.

Discover all the treatments available at our wellness center.

Kneipp path

The Kneipp Path is based on hydrotherapy, which uses the healing power of water to give our body wellbeing. Short baths in hot water, 32 ° and in cold water 25 °. The most common type is to walk along river cobblestone trails, alternating between diving in the hot water and cold water.

Cervical waterfall

Movement in water has proved effective in restoring unbalanced muscle network to original conditions and re-establishing an incorrect posture. Cervical waterfalls do very well on your shoulders and neck, as long as they are used correctly. So benefit from the hot water jet by keeping your shoulders and cervical spine in water


Well-being paths by our specialised staff can be converted to sunbeds in the solarium, secluded and exclusive, and Jacuzzi baths, ideal for a complete relaxation. The wellness area is a neat and discreet environment, designed to pamper our guests in an evocative atmosphere and in the spirit of being good.

Massage Center

The selection of relaxing and aesthetic treatments available in our relaxation area is very wide and accurate. Exfoliating, toning, lymphatic, connective, cupping, foot reflexology, shiatsu and Ayurvedic massages are just some of the types that are practised at the wellness centre.


A sauna is a unique and relaxing experience for the body and mind. Our sauna, made with high-quality wood, creates a welcoming atmosphere. The pleasant scent of wood and essential oils, mixed with the sea air, give an unforgettable feeling of freshness and relaxation. The environment is illuminated by a soft and comfortable light, which promotes relaxation and meditation.

Jacuzzi on a private tower

Among our exclusive offers, we have a Jacuzzi located in a private tower with exclusive access reserved for guests of the wellness & relaxation area, a true oasis of well-being suspended between sky and sea with a breathtaking view of the sea and the Gulf of Naples.


Relaxidie is the private area of our wellness area. Equipped with a cold hydro-massage, with only 20 sun lounger stations, it is ideal for those who want more relaxation or to organize small parties and bachelorette or bachelor parties.

Swimming pool

our swimming pool is a perfect place to take care of oneself, enjoying moments of relaxation and regenerating physical activity, immersed in an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.


Reservations and informations

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Some useful information on the closures and reopenings of our services. We remind you that it is always possible to book events in our Rooftop where, we anticipate, our now famous New Year’s Eve Grand Dinner will also be held

2 November Closure of Hotel Le Axidie
5 November Closing of the Punta Scutolo restaurant, until then the restaurant will be open for lunch at Axidie and in the evening at Le Ancore Boutique Hotel

6 December The Punta Scutolo restaurant reopens, only on weekends (Friday dinner, Saturday lunch and dinner and Sunday lunch) at the Hotel Le Ancore.
27 March 2024 The Le Axidie Resort reopens with all its services