Antonio Savarese was a very young veteran of the First World War when, having lost an arm, he returned home to the fishing village of Marina d’Equa. The mining activity on the rocky spur was his first experience of productive use of the land, and after the Second World War, the scenarios of peace and prosperity suggested to him the start of a new business.

A Mediterranean dream

In such a favorable environmental context, with lush vegetation, unspoiled sea, sunny beaches, breathtaking views, and the fishing village with its white houses, it was a short step to imagine and then create that beautiful “Mediterranean Dream” that would welcome future guests: the Le Axidie Resort.
The dream came true in 1957 and Le Axidie became a reality thanks to the architectural design of architect Nino Savarese and the Swiss architectural firm Schnebli, which managed to harmoniously blend local traditions, natural environment, and avant-garde architecture.
The name of the Resort, original and unusual, was suggested by a family friend who was in charge of the archaeological excavations in Stabia. Drawing on the local mythological heritage and marine biology, he thought of the Ascidians: mysterious creatures of the nearby sea bed, halfway between flora and fauna, evoking the sirens that enchanted Ulysses. Le Axidie is just the more catchy translation of this name.

Lawyer Fernando Savarese welcomed refined guests desiring a vacation of elegant simplicity: impeccable English lords and French aristocrats, successful American writers, and famous Italian artists discovering the beautiful Italy of the Sorrentine Peninsula. Rolls Royces and Aston Martins parked in front of the hotel; even figures close to the British royal family would book the tennis court for a game by the sea with the then-director, reserving it from London. The yacht of the illustrious magnate of the eponymous hotel chain, Charles Forte, anchored in front of Le Axidie, drew its profile against the backdrop of the Gulf. Lord Holford, author of the London master plan, met with the president of the English Supreme Court, Lord Stamp, for evening aperitifs. And who could forget Mr. Lebus, the famous Dutch-born naturalized English owner of Unilever, a frequent and loyal guest.

The most famous Italian theater companies on tour at the ancient theater of Pompeii stayed at Le Axidie: from Vittorio Gassman to Arnoldo Foà, Tino Buazzelli and Lauretta Masiero, theatrical and film actors. And the illustrious pen of Michele Prisco has honored the seaside resort in the recent past, as have many other illustrious names from the national social and political life.
The 1960s will cross Le Axidie to the rhythm of music, with unforgettable evenings animated by Fred Bongusto, Ornella Vanoni, and Peppino di Capri, and so lightheartedly will spend the other decades up to the present day.

In the 21st century our history continues with you and the ingredients are passion, innovation, hospitality and beauty of the Sorrento Coast.
Families and wellness lovers, enthusiasts of food and wine and incurable fans of the sea, curious cultural debates and followers of nature, lovers of quality cuisine and sports cross their desires meeting their dream holiday at the Resort Le Axidie, Marina di Equa, of Vico Equense

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